Composite Design

InnoVista Global Technologies is the global FRP design support provider that is engaged in design and manufacturing of Composite Products. We use a different of methods to design FRP parts. Our design associates will select the best method to design of Plug, FRP mold, Trimming templates, Metal bracket bonding jigs and finishing requirements.

Composite - cap

Design Engineering (Tool Design)

  • FRP mould design (Open & Closed Mould)
  • Hand Layup (HLU) / Contact Moulding
  • LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Moulding)
  • Vacuum Bagging & Infusion
  • Lamination drawing
  • Jigs and Fixtures for Bracket Bonding on FRP panels
  • Reverse and Re-engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering Support
  • Production Support